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..........what every woman secretly wishes men know and do

To Take Control of Their Life, Determine When Grow a Fattfaqqaer, Lonqqa and thkka,

Dear Friend,

Let’s be honest!

Nothing gives joy like 'big gbola'

…especially one that lasts.

An act that reminds her of who you were and what you were capable of doing,


...if you’ve been nodding your head to these questions, then, this might be the most revealing webpage you will ever your life.


I know exactly how and what it feels like to have a looking at you and shaking her head in doubt of your power as a man.

...even to the point of using it against you during harmless home quarrels.

Don’t feel bad, you are not alone.

nothing worries a man as not being able to take charge of his own home (gbolla) and most importantly...

You know!

As a troubled man, I started off researching for a cure like crazy.

...I read blogs, articles, and went for many paid and unpaid classes joined with the many concoctions they mixed and gave me.

I needed a solution so I did all I was asked and paid every dime requested.

But you know already how it ends.

Spikes of hope, here and there.

It’ll work for a moment and then stop right when you needed it most.

...with very risky side effects.

It was very terrible and embarrassing to even talk about.

That you always leave your hungry for more each time?

No na...that’s not the way.

You see,

..the problem is that most of us prefer to die in shame rather than talk about it.

‘I can understand why though’.

Believe me, no one would want to talk about not lasting longga for fear of hearing it outside and having people making fun of your condition.

Would I?

...a unique 'miracle masterpiece' he uses.

...and by the way, there was nothing so special about him.

In fact, that was what got me curious.

...he had no muscle, where a six-pack should be was visibly replaced by a growing pot belly.

...his normal salary was just above #70,000,

...even married ones.

I got curious and went on to try too...and the results for that first day was normal.

...however, the second day was something else.

I could hardly understand what was happening.

However, I won’t boast that everything is perfect.

...But, I can assure you that my neighbors cough knowingly each morning at the car park.

And my woman, very full of smiles after each ministration nowadays.

You should know,


Tongak Ali Root Xpower Coffee

Tongak Ali Root is the powerful blend of lasting long blend of plants and the 'Miracle' molecules (L 'Arginine) that restores your blood level to normal while aiding metabolism and ehancning cardiovascular activities


The introduction of this powerful blend into your body system will naturally:

“Because Of”


Xpower Erection Booster Coffee is naturally formulated with the ancient leaves (Herbs) called Tongak Ali root and to enhance the efficacy of this product the scientist who discovered this product also added.

Epimedium Roots
Tongak Ali

2. Tongak Ali+.

American Ginseng

3. American Ginseng

Maca Roots

4. Maca Root


I know you already perceived the value I am giving you to be worth over #75,000

...very true.

But I am never going to allow you to pay that

Not now and even in the near future.

Not even the #60,000 I started initially with and #50,000  others are selling ‘something close’ to the masterpiece I offer even without tangible results.

All you are going to ever pay is (#30,000) highly discounted just for YOU!


You are among the over 1,000 people reading this now + my repeat buyers + their huge number of buying referrals.

Take this from me: I will run out of stock before you make up your mind.

...Now there are two choices

First Option: Do nothing, and not take this leap of faith.

Second Option: Take me up on this small investment today (including but not limited to the Bonuses lined up) and give it a shot at!

....the great thing is that

...Every order comes with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Normal Price

But Get Our Special Promo Before It Ends:


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Buy 4 XPOWER COFFEE = N105,000

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